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Newspeak House

The London College of Political Technology

133-135 Bethnal Green Road[email protected]@nwspk


"Spaces to come together are so important for movements and communities like DataKind. The value comes from both the physical infrastructure that NH makes available to the network, and the social infrastructure that NH is part of and strengthens - people that can contribute, share experiences, connect the dots. NH is a major location on the map for the communities that are using tech and data for social change. We are more connected, and have more impact, because it exists."

Giselle Cory

CEO of Datakind UK
Member of Newspeak House

"Being a member has been invaluable in helping us start Campaign Lab. As well as providing us with space to organise and convene, access to the network of fellows and other members was incredibly useful. For anyone working in politics or technology this space and its network is essential!"

Hannah O'Rourke

Co-Founder of Campaign Lab
Member of Newspeak House

"As we shuffle towards a dystopian future, Newspeak House dares to offer a space where we can consider alternative visions."

Bill Thompson

Principal Research Engineer at BBC R&D
Member of Newspeak House

Our members are people working across politics, government, academia, civil society, charities, and activism, who recognise the importance of the field of political technology. As a member you become part of a network of people making practical steps towards re-imagining how society functions.

Since our founding in 2015, Newspeak House has been entirely independent, not relying on funding from any other institution. This is only possible thanks to our generous members. However, this is a critical time; the pandemic has wiped out our reserves, leaving our core activities restricted and putting us at risk of closing. If there ever was a time to become a member, it is now. If you want to ensure your community can continue to benefit from the facilities at Newspeak House, please consider joining.

Memberships are £10.00 per month, charged by monthly subscription. You'll be able to access to members' only events, and have the right to book our spaces for events aligned with our mission.

If you are interested in supporting the college on a longer term basis through an endowing a scholarship, see  scholarships

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You can also sponsor memberships for others:

Tell us briefly why you'd like to join Newspeak House - if you can, please include details of past & current projects, activism, relevant skills, organisational affiliations, etc

Privacy Policy: Newspeak House will collect and store data that you submit to us, and use it to further its mission - for example, connecting you with other members that may share your interests.